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Heart-shaped sew-on polyester button (curved)

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  • Heart-shaped sew-on polyester button (curved)

    A pack contains 15 pieces of heart-shaped sew-on buttons.
    A heart-shaped metal button that can be applied by sewing onto your textile product.
    Silver color option is available.

    Made of top quality material and plating.
    Stainless and durable to corrosion unless exposed to extreme conditions. 
    Dimensions: about 1x1 cm in size
    Giyim/Spor Giyim,Çocuk/Bebek Giyimi,Bez Bebek Giyim,Örgü Çanta/Ayakkabı,Bez bebek ayakkabısı,Bez Bebek Aksesuarlarl,Ev Tekstili/Perde/Nevresim,İç Giyim,Örgü ve Triko,Kot Ürünler
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