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Simple hand press and 8,5 mm eyelet set (Press machine + eyelets + application die set + hole puncher)

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  • Simple hand press and 8,5 mm eyelet set (Press machine + eyelets + application die set + hole puncher)

    The 8,5 mm eyelets are most widely used in sportswear and hoods, along with many other textile products.

    Nickel-free silver, antique gold, and black (dark copper) color options are available for eyelets.

    The hand press is very durable and exceptionally lightweight (more details below).
    The dies are produced with top quality material and workmanship and are durable for years to come. They are compatible with other press machines provided in our online store.

    The eyelets are of stainless brass material with quality plating and are nickel-free (non-carcinogenic).

    They are OEKO-TEX Certified, a globally valid certification indicating that the goods do not contain heavy metals and carcinogens.

    Click here for the 8,5 mm eyelet product page.


    A simple hand press
    200 pieces of 8,5 mm brass eyelets
    200 pieces of metal and plastic washers
    1 set of application dies
    1 set of 6 mm hole punching dies


    It is a light and portable hand press used to apply numerous textile metal accessories to your textile product by the appropriate die sets.
    The mounting of the dies is easy and the products are compatible with every press machine provided in our online shop.

    The hand press comes with the apparatus that allows you to fix it onto a tabletop.

    The hand press is also sold separately. Click here for the product page.

    • Length: 215 mm
    • Width: 175 mm
    • Height: 625 mm
    • Die attachment gap: 125 mm
    • Weight: 2,8  kg.
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