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Button cap prong snap fastener application kit - 10,5 mm

Product Code : CCT 105 DM
45.00 TL
45.00 TL
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45.00 TL
45.00 TL
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Button cap prong snap fastener application kit - 10,5 mm

A pack contains 100 sets of hollow prong snap fastener including their application tool.
The handtool allows the snap fasteners to be easily applied with a hammer.

The cap part contains button apparel instead of the regular pearl or metal cap.

The product is applicable with the tools of the same sized pearl or prong snap fasteners.

10,5 mm snap fasteners are suitable for thin fabric for shirts and knitting, as well as very thin leather material.

  • Knitting
  • Shirts
  • Elastic fabric
  • Combed cotton garment
  • Denim shirts
  • Skirts and dresses for thin fabric
  • Baby bodies


o The diameter of upper part: 11,5mm     
o Height:  3,5 mm

The goods are of stainless brass material with quality plating and are nickel-free (non-carcinogenic).

This product is OEKO-TEX Certified, a globally valid certification indicating that the goods do not contain heavy metals and carcinogens.

The application description can be found in the user manual inside the package. Please see below for the application video.

Please note that as the kit contains small and pointed parts, it may pose a risk of injury to young children.
For all prong snap fastener products, make sure to perform the application carefully, and always test the reliability of the final product.


For hand press;

For application with a hammer;

- Produced from high-quality brass material by progressive molds.  
- Nickel-free silver color option is available (for the frame of the cap).
- Stainless unless exposed to harsh conditions. 
- Includes the application tool specific for the product. 


  • Make sure you keep your hammer perpendicular to the product.

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  • Make sure to use the correct tool for the correct product. Place the tool perpendicular and also aligned on the product. If any hesitation it is suggested to get help from the "APPLICATION VIDEOS" section.
  • At the application point, make sure that the number of fabric layers is even. There shouldn't be any fabric layer differences on the attachment path.
  • Make sure to perform a controlled impact with a hammer. Too strong impacts will cause damage to the accessory, too light impacts will cause loose attachment on the application path.
  • If it is your first time using such a product, we encourage you to make a few trials on a rag. 
  • After placing the tool properly on the product, make sure to keep it steady to avoid slippage during attachment.
  • Apply your hammering attachments on a hard surface for better results.
  • Please hold the plastic holder by the edge for your finger safety.
Giyim/Spor Giyim, Çocuk/Bebek Giyimi, Bez Bebek Aksesuarları, Örgü ve Triko, Kot Ürünler
10,5 mm
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