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Button fabric covering kit - 11,5 mm (18 L)

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60.00 TL
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60.00 TL
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Button fabric covering kit - 11,5 mm (18 L)

A pack contains 100 sets of 11,5 mm buttons (with aluminum upper parts and plastic lower parts), and their easy-to-use application tool that allows you to cover the button with the fabric of your choice, only with a hammer.
The contents of the kit are of top quality material and stainless.

Black and white color options are available for the plastic lower parts.
Click here for the spare package of this product without the application tool.


• Hobby works
• Accessories and ornaments 
• Home textile
• Quilts and bed covers
• Coats, jackets, and blazer jackets
• Hats and caps
• Shoemaking
• Outerwear
• Knitwear
• Cushions and furnitures

TIP for properly arrange the size of your fabric which will be used in covering the button;
!  Put your easy-to-use tool on top of the fabric you want to cover. Use a pencil or soapstone to draw a circle around the tool, then cut the circle-shaped marked fabric about 1-2 mm away from the circle you drew.
Please mind the suggestions below before your application;

1- Your covering material must not be too thick such as leather, brocade or fabric for upholstery.
2- Please mind the suggested size to cut your fabric. Cutting it too big or too small might end up in failure to cover the button.
3- Putting an interlining below the fabric is suggested while using very thin or slippery fabrics.
4- While punching the tool with hammer, a blow too weak might cause your button to fell apart, while a blow too strong might cause deformity on the aluminium upper part of the button. A few trials are encouraged before starting your project.


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11,5 mm
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