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D-shaped buckle - Big sized

Product Code | D-TOKA BÜYÜK
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  • D-shaped buckle - Big sized

    A pack contains 4 pieces of big-sized D-shaped buckles

    They are used as a junction tool for bag straps. They are also used functionally or as accessories on shirt sleeves and various textile and hobby products.

    Silver and antique gold color options are available.

    The metal accessories provided in our store has quality material and plating. They are stainless and durable to corrosion.

    Inner dimension: 2,5 cm
    Giyim/Spor Giyim,Örgü Çanta/Ayakkabı,Deri Ürünler/Çanta/Cüzdan/Kemer/Ayakkabı,Tente/Branda/Afiş,Kot Ürünler
    Hobiler ve Elişleri,Süs ve Aksesuar,Dikiş Aksesuarları/ Malzemeleri,Tokalar
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