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​Fabric covering die set for press machines

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  • Fabric covering die set for press machines

    They are dies suitable to use with simple hand press (except 25,5 and 28 mm), universal impact press, and desktop electrical fastening machine.
    The mounting of the dies is easy and the products are compatible with every press machine provided in our online shop.
    The die set is of top quality material and very durable.

    The die sets for 25,5 mm and 28 mm are not suitable for the simple hand press.

    Click here for more about the product range you can apply with these die sets.



    DIMENSIONS: Line / mm
    The dimensions are for the aluminum cap part of the button before covering.
    18’’ : 11.5 mm
    20’’ : 12,5 mm
    24’’ : 15 mm
    28’’ : 18 mm
    32’’ : 19 mm
    36’’ : 23 mm
    40’’ : 25,5 mm
    44’’ : 28 mm 


    • Hobby works
    • Accessories and ornaments 
    • Home textile
    • Quilts and bed covers
    • Coats, jackets, and blazer jackets
    • Hats and caps
    • Shoemaking
    • Outerwear
    • Knitwear
    • Cushions and furnitures

    TIP for properly arrange the size of your fabric which will be used in covering the button;
    !  Put your easy-to-use tool on top of the fabric you want to cover. Use a pencil or soapstone to draw a circle around the tool, then cut the circle-shaped marked fabric about 1-2 mm away from the circle you drew.
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