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Jeans Button fastening die sets for press machines

Product Code | DKT-KALIP
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  • Jeans Button fastening die sets for press machines
    They are dies suitable to use with simple hand press, universal impact press, and desktop electrical fastening machine.
    The mounting of the dies is easy and the products are compatible with every press machine provided in our online shop.
    The die set is of top quality material and very durable
    Exclusively designed for 3 different sizes of jeans buttons. There is no one size fits all. 

    Check out the links below to see the relevant product sizes and codes
    • Click here for 14 mm Jeans button (DKT 14).
    • Click here for 17 mm Jeans button (DKT 17).
    • Click here for 20 mm Jeans button (DKT 20).
    • Click here for the patterned Jeans buttons.

    Simple hand press 

    14 mm /  DKT 14
    o Outer diameter: 14 mm 
    o Height: 9 mm
    17 mm / DKT 17
    o Outer diameter: 17 mm 
    o Height: 9 mm
    20 mm / DKT 20
    o Outer diameter: 20 mm 
    o Height: 9 mm
    o Nail height: 8,5 mm
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