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Screw stud ring snap fasteners (for hard surfaces)

Product Code : CCT 808 SS
155.00 TL
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155.00 TL
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Screw stud ring snap fasteners (for hard surfaces)

A pack contains 15 sets of ring spring snap fasteners with their screws and the easy-to-use application tool (for hammering).

This product is suitable for fastening textile works on hard surfaces.

Supported industries :

  • Fastening tent canvas to hard surfaces in boats
  • Fastening textile products such as curtains onto wooden window frames
  • Camping and trailers
  • Any hobby works where you can work your creativeness!
The upper part of the snap fasteners are to be applied onto a textile product with a hammer and the easy-to-use application tool and the lower parts are to be screwed onto hard surfaces such as wood or fiberglass.
The snap fastener parts are of stainless brass material with quality plating and are nickel-free (non-carcinogenic).
The application scheme is on the back of the packages.
The application videos are present below as well as on our Youtube channel.

Dimensions :

Cap part

  • Outer diameter : 15,0 mm
  • Height: 7,0 mm

Socket part:

  • Outer diameter : 12,5 mm
  • Height : 4,0 mm

Stud part:

  • Outer diameter : 14,0 mm
  • Height 3,8 mm

Post part

  • Outer diameter : 13,0 mm
  • Height : 6,2 mm
  • Post diameter: 4,0 mm


  • Make sure you keep your hammer perpendicular to the product.

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  • Make sure to use the correct tool for the correct product. Place the tool perpendicular and also aligned on the product. If any hesitation it is suggested to get help from the "APPLICATION VIDEOS" section.
  • At the application point, make sure that the number of fabric layers is even. There shouldn't be any fabric layer differences on the attachment path.
  • Make sure to perform a controlled impact with a hammer. Too strong impacts will cause damage to the accessory, too light impacts will cause loose attachment on the application path.
  • If it is your first time using such a product, we encourage you to make a few trials on a rag. 
  • After placing the tool properly on the product, make sure to keep it steady to avoid slippage during attachment.
  • Apply your hammering attachments on a hard surface for better results.
  • Please hold the plastic holder by the edge for your finger safety.
Tente/Branda/Afiş, Sert Zeminler, Hobi/Kraft/Karton, Yatçılık / Kampçılık/Outdoor spor
15 mm
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