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Smart pearl fastening kit - Black color

Product Code : PRL-S
410.00 TL
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410.00 TL
Smart pearl fastening kit - Black color


A pack contains 100 pieces of black-colored spherical pearl of your dimension choice, their nails, and the easy-to-use application tool suitable to your product.
The product is delivered in a compartmented plastic box.

For best results, apply on thin fabric. They do not have a hole and cannot be sewed onto your textile product. 
The pearls are easily applied with a hammer, using the easy-to-use application tools provided in the kit.

Ecru color, silver, gold, and black colored pearls are available in our online store.

Each color has 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, and 10 mm size options.

After you run out of your pearls, you can order the spare package of the same pearl size and keep applying with your pre-existing application tools. 




Please note that as the kit contains small and pointed parts, it may pose a risk of injury to young children.

Make sure to perform the application carefully, and always test the reliability of the final product. Keep the kit contents beyond the reach of young children

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