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1- How Can we apply Eyelets / Grommets ?

Eyelets can be used for many purposes in various sectors such as clothing, advertising, leatherworks, tents, sailing, bags, belts, even yours hobbies and handcrafts. The good news is you can apply them easily at home, in your boat, camp, workshop or even in your garage without needing complicated machinery. You can buy the eyelets from klinkshop.com in 8 sizes as eyelet kits together with their ''easy to use tools'' by secure shopping and then apply it with a help of a hammer. You can whatch the educational application video from our web page or please check it from youtube ''https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2f6bE5bR_PY''

2- How Can we apply Rivets ?

You can apply rivets on your handcrafts without needing any complicated machinery. You can buy the Rivets from klinkshop.com in 3 sizes as Rivet kits together with their ''easy to use tools'' by secure shopping and then apply it just with a help of a hammer. You can apply them easily at home, in your boat, camp, workshop or even in your garage. You can whatch the educational application video from our web page.

3- Are the Eyelets / Grommets used on the bathroom Curtains?

Yes, you can use our 28 mm and 40 mm sized Eyelets to apply on Room curtains and batroom curtains for sliding on the rustics. You do not need large presses and machines for the fastening of these large eyelets. You can buy the easy to use hand tools from www.klinkshop.com and apply the eyelets easily on your curtains. You can use them to puncture the eyelet wholes and then to fasten the eyelets just by hammering. You can whatch the educational application video from our web page.

4- What are rivets, what do they do and where are they used?

Rivets are the connection accessories used on textile and leather. Which are usually fasteners in bag handles and belts. They are also widely used in clothing, bags, belts, shoes, boots, etc. for ornamental purposes. You can buy the Rivets from klinkshop.com in 3 sizes as Rivet kits together with their ''easy to use tools'' by secure shopping.

5- What are the snap fasteners and their varieties?

They are textile metal accessories, those are consisting of four parts and fastened two parts on each side of the fabric, leather or textile for the purpose of two sides connection. They can be used on shirts, coats, shoes, wallets, trousers, coats, dresses, T-shirts, hobby products, linens, home textiles, etc. for the purpose of connection. There are two sorts of snap fasteners; one of them can be sewed on the garment and consists of two parts and the others should be fastened by using pressure by proper tool and the machines. Those are prong snap fasteners, S-Spring snap fasteners, Ring spring snap fasteners. You can buy those snap fasteners from klinkshop.com web page according to your request as kits with easy to use tools or spare packs if you already have bought tools and machines before.

6- How to apply snap fasteners on garments ?

It is not possible to put a fallen snap fastener back on your clothing. However you should get a new one and fasten it instead of the fallen one. For snap fastening on the garments, there is a need for large electrical machines, presses and molds, which are sold separately for each type of snap fasteners in professional workshops. Instead, you can securely buy the requested size snap fastener kits packed together with their easy to use tools and fasten them on your clothing by just using a hammer in few minutes. All instructions are available on the back of the packages and in the application videos under the belonging product.

7- Once I get a product set kit with easy to use tools, where can I find those products again? Can I also use the tools again?

If you run out of the products you have bought as a kit, you could order tool free spare packs from www.klinkshop.com and use your previous easy to use tools. The tools are produced to last for a long time if they are used properly.

8- Do your products get rust or corrosion ?

No. Our products are completely made of nonferrous brass raw material and coated with 1st class metallic plating. They do not rust in any way if they are remained under suitable conditions (such as exposing them to salty and chlorinated water for a long time, keeping them in very humid and airless environment, subjecting them to harmful chemicals).

9- Hand plier with selective wheel punchers I bought does not punching. What shall I do?

Our hole punching hand pliers are one of the best in the market. Designed to make 8 different size holes. While they are mostly successful on leather and thick belts, they might not punch holes on very thin fabrics. In this case, all you have to do is place a piece of cardboard, folded newspaper or a thick carton under your fabric. This will solve your hole punching problem.

10- I am hesitated about which snap fastener I should use in your product range? What will be the snap actions according to my request?

There are detailed explanations about the sizes and usage areas under each product in our web page, but it can be thought practically as follows; the products coded CCT 808, CCT 520, CCT 500 are heavy duty snap fasteners with hard snap actions. Mostly suitable for heavy, thick parquet and thick fabrics such as coats, tents and tarpaulins. The products coded as CCT 510, CCT 501, CCT 707 are used on light and thin coats, dresses, shirts, clothing products, as well as bags, wallets, jewelry-accessories when soft snap actions are requested.

11- Why are my snap fasteners / eyelets are not properly fastened or deformed?

1- Make sure you hammer vertically (at an angle of 90 degrees).
2- Make sure to match the correct parts to each other.
3- Make sure you use the correct tool for the right part.
4- Make sure that the foundation path you are fastening our products on is not too thick, too thin or too hard just under the conditions specified in the descriptions.

12- If I buy any size of your product tools such as any eyelet size or snap fastener size, can I use the same tool for the other sizes?

No you can not use only one tool for all sizes of eyelet or snap fasteners. Tools are just like the products in different sizes and you should get the tool for the belonging size product.

13- What are the eyelets, what they do, where they are used?

The eyelet, also called a grommet , is a textile metal accessory. They are used on shoes, boots, bags to pass the shoelace or bootlace through. They are also used on advertising banners, boat covers, sail clothes, tents, awnings to fasten or on curtains for sliding purpose as well as leather works, belts, bags, upper and lover clothing as ornaments to add them elegance.

14- Tek bir aparat ile her ürünü uygulayabilir miyim?
Tüm ürünlerimizin, kendi ebat ve özelliklerine uygun benzersiz aparatları (kalıpları) bulunmaktadır.
Çekiç ile uygulanan kitlerimizde de, tulumba pres ile uygulamalarda da bu durum geçerlidir. Dolayısıyla TEK BİR APARATLA TÜM ÜRÜNLERİ UYGULAMAK MÜMKÜN DEĞİLDİR. Her ürün, kendisi için hazırlanmış aparatla çakılır.
Seçtiğiniz malzeme bittiğinde, aynı malzemeden tekrar alırsanız, önceden onun için almış olduğunuz aparatı (kalıbı) kullanabilirsiniz.
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