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Salopette Buckle - Small

Product Code : Salopet (Bahçıvan) Pantolon Ve Etek Askı Tokası -
50.00 TL
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50.00 TL
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Salopette Buckle - Small
Each pack contains 2 pieces of salopette buckles and their adjustment buckles.

Salopette buckles are used for adjusting the length of salopette trousers and skirt suspenders.
They are compatible with the Jeans Buttons provided in our online store.
Big and small-sized buckles are available, suitable for adults' and children's clothing, respectively.
They come in silver and antique gold color options.

The metal accessories provided in our store has quality material and plating, and are durable to washing.
DIMENSIONS:   2,5 cm  (measured for the width of the suspender)
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